You've bought your VIP Pairing tickets and festival tasting tickets. Now what?
Frequently asked questions can be answered here.
Q: I thought this was a free event?
A: Yes, the festival is a free family event created for the entire family.  Tickets are only required for those ages 21 and older that would like to participate in our VIP Pairing, enjoy an elevated experience of  tasting wines from our 30 Texas highlighted vineyards, or a beer from a local brewery at the festival . 
Q: I purchased tickets for the VIP Pairing.  Where do I park & what do I need to bring with me the night of the event. 
A: Please bring your Eventbrite receipt as proof of ticket purchase along with a valid I.D. to The Shack ticket booth at Panther Island to be admitted for seating.  Parking is available at Panther Island
Q: I purchased a festival wine tasting ticket online and need to know where I I go to pick up my physical ticket & what I will need to bring.
A: Bring your Eventbrite receipt as proof of purchase along with a valid I.D. to the ticket booth located at The Shack entrance of Panther Island. There you will be give your punch ticket, lanyard and tasting wine glass. 
Q: Will I be able to purchase wine directly from the vineyards? 
A: The joy of participating in a tasting is not only to discover a new favorite local wine, but to be able to purchase glasses & bottles to enjoy at home. You may even find some of your favorite merchandise!!