Regions and Wineries of Cross Timbers Trail

This month's featured winery:

4R Ranch Vineyards

Muenster & McKinney, TX 

Where the shortgrass prairie drops into the Red River Valley, the 4R Ranch—with its magnificent vistas and rocky terrain—is perfectly suited for growing grapes. Patriarch W.C. Roper encouraged his family of sixth-generation Texans to share the beauty of this extraordinary place with others; and so it was love of this man and love of the land that inspired 4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery.

Cross Timbers Wine Trail is broken up into three separate regions – Northern, Central, and Southern. Click images below to get more information and links to each winery and their websites and social media.

Northern Region Wineries
Central Region
Southern Region
  1. 4R Ranch Vineyard & Winery 
  2. Arche Vineyard & Winery
  3. Blue OstrichWinery & Vineyard
  4. Edge of the Lake Vineyard & Winery
  5. Firelight Vineyards
  6. Horseshe Bend Cellars
  7. Lonesome Vine 
  8. Marker Cellars Winery
  9. OG Cellars
  10. TF Vineyard & Winery
  1. Barking Rocks Winery
  2. Barons Creek Vineyards
  3. Bingham Family Vineyards
  4. Blue Duck Winery
  5. Bluff Dale Vineyards
  6. Broken X Winery
  7. Bull Lion Ranch Vineyard & Winery
  8. Casual Friday Wines
  9. Dove Ridge Winery
  10. Landon Winery
  11. Lost Oak Winery
  12. Messina Hof Winery
  13. Pemberton Cellars Winery
  1. Bar Ditch Winery
  2. Brennan Vineyards
  3. Bull Lion Ranch Vineyard & Winery
  4. Cockrell Vineyards
  5. Juniper Cove Winery
  6. Lucky Vines Vineyards & Winery
  7. Silver Spur Winery
  8. Skies Over Texas Winery
  9. Stone Trough Winery 
  10. Whiskey Road Winery
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